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Published: 07th December 2011
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Tide Guage suppliers design, produce, market and service a variety of marine engineering instruments to support other associated Industries. These industry sectors range from port and Harbour Authority Management, Conservation, Oil and Gas and defence. However they all have a common demand and that is the precise recording of marine situations and the ongoing changes to those conditions and environments.

A number of Tide Gauge Companies also manufacture and sell a range of hydrographic and oceanographic Instruments and Equipment. All of these devices are inter-related due to the very characteristics of the marine and waterway environments in which they operate. The scenarios found in each of these environments, which may possibly differ greatly in composition, temperature and pressure, requires that the engineering of these oceanographic instruments needs to be as sturdy as possible and not susceptible to corrosion or reaction to their operating conditions.

As a result, Tide Gauge Suppliers and Manufacturers, are first and foremost precision engineering companies that have adapted their skills to generate and manufacture top quality engineered solutions for the marine environment.

There are a number of similar devices that Tide Gauge Suppliers also commonly make. These are, Sound Velocity Profilers, Sound Velocity Sensors, Current Meters (sometimes called Current Flow Meters or Tidal Flow Meters), Echosounders (or Bathymetry Equipment) and Wave Recorders. All of these instruments have applications that relate to the precise measurement of fluctuations within the marine environment that result in the variation of composition, conductivity or direction, depth, speed, water temperature, or pressure.

These instruments may be branded to have numerous item names but basically they perform the same basic procedures but with varying focus.

From a "real life" usage point of view, the following project and application types apply, namely, Oceanographic Survey, Military or Defence, Metrology and Positioning Systems, ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles) and AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) Applications, Hydrometric Measurement Projects and Surveys and Seismic Issues, Port Operations, Harbour Operations and Studies, Dredging Operations, Scientific and Academic Projects relating to the Renewable Energy, marine environment, and Oil and Gas Industries.

Tide Gauges (sometimes spelt gauges or gages) are involved with the recording of tides and waterways from a variety of aspects. Generally they will record the flow or velocity of the tidal waterway, the temperature, the direction of flow and the conductivity of the water. These readings are typically taken using a periodic sampling basis, conducted over a time period and when collated provided a historical data reference of the metrics during this time. Depending on the Tide Gauge used and the comms interfaces available to it, this information may be monitored either in "real time" by way of a data feed or as a download. Both options should allow for off line investigation of the outcomes.

Features of Tidal gauges include:-

a. logging of tidal data for historical purposes;

b. in-line mooring or seabed fixing.

c. network capabilities,

d. transmission of data over a variety of telemetry links,

e. access through web or local intranet or fixed displays,

f. ability to provide real time information,

Tide Gauge Providers with these manufacture qualities will be able to advise on the most suitable solution for the job at hand and the marine environmental conditions that the Tidal Gauge will work in.

Valeport are an Oceanographic and Hydrometric Instrument and Equipment Manufacturer and a Tide Gauge Supplier.

Established in 1969, Valeport designs and manufactures tide gauge instruments for the oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric communities, with a worldwide customer base that includes: environmental, defence, oil and gas, renewable energy, construction, dredging and civil engineering sectors.

To view a range of
tide gauges suitable for oceanographic surveys, look at Valeport at http://www.valeport.co.uk

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